Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boats, Girls, and Guns, Oh My!

Today Dad and I took the whaler (a ten foot dingy for the boat) out for a drive. We traveled out of the docks that we were in after filling up and into the ocean. Well, technically it wasn't the ocean since Dad and I were inside the outer breakers, but the waves were far stronger. Anyway, Dad drove the boat over to a small dock nearby the Queen Mary Ship, and we checked out a little mall called the Shoreline Village.
After checking out the docks around that area, we accidentally went into a shallow area. Fortunately we managed to get out with only a little pickup: a jacket that had gotten caught on the motor blades. While Dad and I tried to get the jacket of the motor, I noticed a youn couple either in their late teens or early 20's couple making out on a ledge above us (unfortunately, we were too far away to make cat calls). I personally didn't know that watching people suffer was make-out inducing, but you never know. Anyway, the jacket was finally torn off, and the boat was free.
After traveling to a harbor that had few boats moving (it was a cargo harbor for loading and unloading) Dad let me drive the boat. I would like to say I jumped at the chance, but I kept having visions of Dad and I swimming to shore. Anyway, after a bit of prodding I took the motor and away we went. While driving the whaler certainly wasn't easy, it was a little fun and I enjoyed the feeling of control (at least for the first hour and a half. Driving is hard even in a boat!). Then came the scary part.
Dad and I went over to one last harbor and saw that the U.S. Navy was traveling around that spot. Dad explained that the navy uses part of the harbor for their boats and their might be something docked at the harbor. Curious, I drove us towards the mystery zone. It turned out there was a submarine parked there. However, the navy was really nervous about this submarine, so they were redirecting the boats around five hundred feet from the submarine (with boats that had MACHINE GUNS!). Dad told me I should keep a steady speed while boating by, but I was so nervous and inexperienced with driving, I couldn't keep a straight course at a steady speed. I could practically feel the machine guns pointing at my back! Luckily, the navy must have spotted that I was new at controlling the boat, so they let Dad and I go. Anyway, after a few minutes rest, Dad drove us home. The length of the entire boat ride was about thirty-nine and a third miles!!! I would have to say that was a good day's worth of fun. Anyway, at home I rested, relaxed, and wrote up this blog post.

P.S. Here is the map of where we went. I think the map is pretty conclusive.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dave's Not So Private Journal, Second Try!

Hello and Welcome to Dave's Not So Private Journal!!! For those of you who had been looking beforehand: Welcome Back! Anyway, moving on to the recap!

My name is David (Dave) Alexander Malkoff. I am now 17 years old, and live in a family of four and a half (my dad: Melvin (Mel) Malkoff, my mom: Mary Ann Malkoff, my sister: Sarah (Edith) Malkoff, my dog: Mayim, and myself). I am exactly six feet in height and have short brown hair. I have a large amount of time on my hands, and a hard time talk to people due to Aspergers Syndrome that I had since birth (Asbergers is NOT a disease, It's a BENEFIT!!!!)

This blog was originally created when my family (minus Dad) went on the road for a trip across the USA and parts of Canada. For details, feel free to read the previous blog entries as well as the sister blog (or mother blog since it was created by Mom): Malkoff Grand Adventure. This blog was originally intended to be a day journal from my point of view, rather than a lengthy and bland mass entry like how original blog turned out. Unfortunately, life got complicated and had trouble keeping up with the days, and I eventually gave up.

Now, onto what has happened to the family in short form (more details will be filled in later). We traveled to very many states (as you can see in the grand adventure map, we have been to all states west of the Mississippi river excluding Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. We stopped back at California for rest and repairs (Mom had broken her ankle, we needed to get some things for the online college classes Ed and I were working on, I needed to get something for my sleep apnia, etc.). Unfortunately, at this time the 2nd Great Depression hit, and we were stuck in California (Economic depressions have an odd way of ending vacations early don't they?). With some minor tweaking to accept how to live in one place, we have been living in California ever since (for a larger explanation as to what happened, visit the Malkoff Grand Adventure Blog).

As such, we have reached the part about why the blog has been started up again. Since the return from the Grand Adventure, life has changed dramatically (to be explained later). Two weeks ago, I was allowed to sleep away from most of the family in a boat that we own instead of a house (for more details look at the Gold Plated Hole in the Ocean post in the Malkoff Grand Adventure Blog). Life has changed yet again, and it appears I will have something to write about other than I my finished my college classwork in twenty minutes, then played-insert video game here-for the rest of the night. Also, this will enable my parents to keep track of me without calling every single day and having me scramble the day into a few sentences that sound all jumbled up and is about as civilized and understandable as a drunk bird trying to speak Chinese. Also, this will help me keep in touch with my friends through Facebook (this is because I am TERRIBLE at calling and checking my E-mail). Now onto today's blog!

Today's bright and sunny day was a nice change from the terrible weather we have been having the last few days (I actually heard there was going to be a tornado around Long Beach!). I had breakfast with my Dad, then headed out for my first visit with my grandparents. My Grandpa and Oma (on my mother's side of the family) lived in Huntington Beach, which is a quick bus ride way usually, but as today is a Saturday the buses weren't running as often as I could use (the buses don't run often on the weekends or holidays) so I persuaded Dad to drive me to Grandpa and Oma's. When I got there I watched the new Burn Notice (The boat doesn't have satellite, so we can't watch television there), then helped Grandpa on a woodworking project. He was working on a cradle for my soon to be born cousin. Afterwards, Grandpa and I headed out to lunch at a nearby sushi restaurant named Joe's Sushi (it's very good, and it's all you can eat!), then the movie the Book of Eli (for guys who want action, but not a lot of plot). Finishing up, we rested at Grandpa and Oma's house, then we all went out to Outback Steakhouse (need I say more?). Finally, Grandpa and Oma drove me back to the boat (I don't like taking the bus after 6:00 pm) and I have spent the rest of the night composing this post and getting ready for the big sailing trip for Dad and I tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

7/11/08 Herbert Hoover: Mass Murderer or Victim?

Near Springfield, IL: Today we went to a museum about Herbert Hoover. It was pretty interesting because of the controversy about him. One should keep in mind that he was the one who was the face of the people who had decided to drop it. That aside, he was pretty interesting. He was known as the “great humanitarian” and constantly tried to help people. There was also a part about the civil war, and what caused it on a lower floor. After checking everything out, we headed back and relaxed for the rest of the day.


7/10/08 Happy House

Near Springfield, IL: Today we all went to check out a house that was turned into the museum. The Dana-Thomas house was designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright during 1904.It was meant to be a showcase, and Frank was given free rein to decorate the house at his whim. It was a nice museum, and my favorite part was the exquisite vase by the front door (or, if you count stories, the story about a chef murdering a bunch of people). Afterwards we headed back and relaxed for the rest of the day.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/8/08 Storm Chasing (Accidentally)

Hannibal, MO----Near Springfield, IL: Today was Zac and Marge’s first travel day. We were in a good mood when we traveled, but it was very hot in the camp and everyone was very cranky. That was when Marge had the brilliant idea to go swimming in the park’s pool. This was the first time I had been in a pool since practically since we had a house so I agreed. Before I got there though, Marge had swallowed some water and stopped swimming. Anyway, Ed persuaded the rest of the kids in the pool to play Marco Polo. Everyone had fun until a huge stack of black clouds came rolling in. It covered the sky in minutes! Running for the coach, we got there just minutes before it started pouring buckets. Seconds afterward, thunder appeared in the heavens like the prelude to the bolt that destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. Ignoring the lighting (the storm abated around six) we relaxed until bed.

Note: The next few days will be us playing in the pool and working so I will not be posting for those days

7/7/08 Cave Hopping Bonanza

Hannibal, MO: Today Zack and I had a ton of fun! First we went to a nearby cave and took a tour. We had a very nice and pretty guide to explain everything and keep us from getting lost. My personal favorite part was when Zack had gone through a hole and the guide went to go collect him. I turned off my lantern and just listened to the darkness. It was pretty soothing (though I would not recommend it for those who are afraid of darkness or small spaces). Afterwards we headed back and relaxed for the rest of the day.

7/6/08 Zack Attack (and Losing Him)

Hannibal, MO: Today Libby left us and we some new friends came. I had slept late, so I had almost missed Libby when she and Ed were heading to the train station. After mopping around for a while at the food court Mom and I met Mom’s friend Marge Eisman and her son Zack. Marge and Zack were very nice, and were very similar to my good friends Nancy and Skyler Tornell. Marge had persuaded Mom to take me and Zack to a children’s museum. I use the term museum very loosely because it had absolutely no intellectual value (though it WAS fun to play on). Afterwards we walked around (okay Marge and I walked, Zack bounced), and then went to a small cafĂ© that had some very good dairy-free smoothies and sherbet. Afterwards Mom picked us up and we relaxed at the RV for the rest of the day.